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Blogging When Depressed? Here are Some Tips.

Whether you’re feeling depressed, overwhelmed, or just busy at this time ~ take a deep breath. We all know that “it’s okay not to be okay.” But, you wonder, what will that mean for your blog?

Here are some tips on how to blog while you’re going through a hard time.

Blogging When Depressed?
Here are Some Tips.

Feel free to re-prioritize.

When it comes to your health or the health of your blog, guess which one is more important? YOU! Of course 🙂 So when life is getting overwhelming, know that you are the main priority. The blog can wait.

Give yourself some time away from the responsibility of running a blog.

But won’t my blog suffer?

I have personally found that leaving my blog for some time does not affect the number of followers I have. In fact, letting the blog sit is much better than continuing to try to push out lower quality blog posts.

If you have “regulars” that visit your blog often, you can consider making a post announcing that you’re taking a break, in case they miss you. Bloggers often do this, for one to several months at a time, and readers are generally sympathetic. We all need a little break sometimes!

Feel free to ignore all blogging, altogether.

Sometimes when life comes at you, it’s hard to balance everything you have to do and think about. If you’re having a rough time, consider sticking to the more positive blogs that you read, and avoid commenting on controversial topics.

The last thing you need when you’re upset is an internet argument, annoying headlines, or negative content.

But won’t other bloggers ignore me?

Some bloggers do tit-for-tat, which means that they’ll return “likes for likes” and “comments for comments.”

However, most bloggers love to read, and they don’t micro-manage their replies so specifically. They simply have too many people following them, and will only remember to visit your blog when you comment on theirs.

And if you’re interacting less with other blogs, your blog comments/likes will go down a bit. But again, that’s fine. Your health is much more important than any website.

Schedule, schedule, schedule.

If you’ve already taken a break and you feel like your blog really, really needs to continue, then consider scheduling out your posts over a longer period of time.

For instance, if you usually blog weekly, try blogging biweekly. Or try blogging just once a month (monthly wrap ups, top-3’s, and #FiveFavorites are ideal for this). You can even try blogging only on special occasions or holidays!

The idea is to not push yourself so hard.

In the end, it’s just a blog. The numbers go up and down. The readers come and go. The good ones stay, and that’s always great 😉

So, take a deep breath. Make your own health your first priority. Know that your readers will understand and your readers will be happy to see you again when you are feeling better 🙂

Take good care,

Yari Garcia

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Taking it easy down by the water in Kemah, TX.


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7 thoughts on “Blogging When Depressed? Here are Some Tips.

  1. Great post. For me, I tend to push myself instead of chill whenever I feel down, because I prefer the sense of accomplishment from doing something, no matter how much I hate it. Wouldn’t recommend this to everyone though. Maybe I’m just wired weirdly. Thanks for this!

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    1. This is so understandable…I feel at times when I’m down like you…I push myself to at least try to get something done even if its small to try and get out of my depression and I don’t feel so useless. I hope you are doing ok. 💙


  2. Great post Yari…especially now this is so relevant. I hope you are doing ok…great pic, I hope being back in Tx is going good for you. Stay safe 💙


  3. Not exactly a tip for depression but having a few posts written in advance ‘just in case’ that you can post when you’re not in the mood to write is also a good idea.

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  4. Great post! I’m getting the impression from my tuning into other writers blogs, that there is less blogging going on. I’ve certainly been less active on mine. Depression surely must be prevelent these days with what is going on in the world and our lives. So, I’ve been collecting ideas and inspirtations for when I feel like blogging more often, for when I feel less stuck! Cheers, Yari :>)


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